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Microsoft Java Virtual Machine Support

Published: September 12, 2003 | Updated: July 01, 2009

Transition Resources

Customers are encouraged to stay informed about obsolete software and to transition from the MSJVM in a timely fashion. Guidance and tools are available to help customers make this transition.


  • MSJVM Transition Guide–IT Pro Version. Technical guidance on transition planning and tools for identifying MSJVM site and application dependencies.

  • MSJVM Transition Guide–Developer Version. Technical guidance on MSJVM decision-making approaches with related migration and transition options.

  •  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Get answers to such questions as which versions of Microsoft Windows® include the MSJVM, where to find the latest security updates, and what support options are available today.

  • Microsoft Dependent Application List. Microsoft applications that have been tested for MSJVM dependencies.



  • Daylight Saving Time changes in 2007. Changes to daylight saving time ("DST") and some time zones in 2007 affects all builds of the Microsoft JVM up to and including VM version 3812. Microsoft has worked cooperatively with Sun Microsystems to provide a hotfix to the MSJVM that will make it compatible with DST 2007 rules and updates as of October 18, 2007 applied to the operating system. MSJVM was shipped as part of a number of products that are currently in Extended Support. For those products, the MSJVM update for DST in 2007 is available through the Extended Support program. Premier Support customers should work with their local Microsoft account team to discuss options to obtain the hotfix. Non-Premier Support customers should go to and follow the steps listed under “Option 2: DST Update” to obtain the hotfix.

  •  MSJVM newsgroup. Get quick assistance and see how other firms are managing this transition.

Transitioning Options: Alternative Java Technology Solutions

Although Microsoft cannot vouch for the security and reliability of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) solutions offered by other companies, customers deciding to pursue this option as they transition off the MSJVM are strongly encouraged to migrate to the Sun JVM versions that support their current operating systems or one of the other third-party Java Runtime Environments (JRE) solutions. Customers choosing to explore such solutions should engage in testing prior to pursuing this migration path.

The following vendors offer alternative JRE solutions:

Java Runtime Solution


Sun Microsystems

  • For consumers who use the MSJVM to run applets and applications.

  • For developers who use the MSJVM with their applets and applications.

  • Automatically runs applets inside Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  • Supports the Object tag.

  • Is a free download.

Java Development Solutions


BEA Systems




Sun Microsystems

Other Java development solutions

  • For developers who use the MSJVM with their applets and applications.

  • Availability and pricing as noted by vendors.