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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Build on existing technology investments with tools that help employees access accurate, up-to-date information.

Provide everyone in your institution with the right information to make decisions using Microsoft business intelligence (BI) for higher education. Our business intelligence solutions offer an intuitive and cost-effective way to enable all of your employees to access and analyze information through familiar tools such as a web browser, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft Office SharePoint. With ready access to relevant data from virtually any source, your people can make better decisions by tracking progress against key performance indicators (KPIs).

Solving real-world challenges

Microsoft business intelligence solutions help you:
  • Unlock data trapped in application silos and centralise it into an integrated data warehouse.
  • Simplify complex relational models designed for transactional efficiency and data input into analytic cubes optimised for analytic efficiency and data insight.
  • Extend the power of business intelligence from the offices of specialists into the hands of those who take action.
  • Add confidence to decision-making with data-backed evidence.
  • Focus actions on the performance goals that matter most.
  • Shift time spent accessing data to time spent analyzing your business.

Key outcomes

Microsoft business intelligence for higher education can help your people take more informed action by supporting routine decisions and long-range strategic planning across all business functions with accurate, readily-available data. Your employees can use budgets more efficiently and gain a better understanding of projected revenues and expenditures.
With Microsoft business intelligence, your institution can:
  • Meet enrollment goals. Make it easier to analyze recruiting and retention data, grade and graduation trends, tuition discounting programs, and other information.
  • Maximise funding opportunities. Improve responses to legislative and grant requests, compliance with accreditation requirements, and tracking of top alumni donors.
  • Increase student performance. Give faculty a clear picture of student performance at an individual or group level so they can adjust instruction accordingly.

Why choose Microsoft for business intelligence?

Traditional business intelligence solutions focus on enabling a select few with expensive, specialty tools. Our business intelligence strategy enables breakthrough organisational results by bringing business intelligence to the “masses” and equipping all employees with affordable, familiar tools that align an individual’s everyday actions with your organisation’s long-term goals.
With Microsoft business intelligence, you benefit from:
  • Reduced costs. Take advantage of your existing investments in Microsoft products, such as SQL Server and Microsoft Office.
  • Rapid time to value. Connect with your enterprise resource planning software (PeopleSoft, Datatel, Campus Management, and Banner) and many other data sources.
  • Flexible functionality. Microsoft business intelligence is simple enough for average users, yet robust enough for power users.
  • Make better decisions. Data is delivered through familiar interfaces, such as Excel, so your users do not have to learn a whole new system - which means they will actually use it.
  • High adoption rates. Get the technology and assistance you need from a Microsoft education partner you can trust.


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