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Education Desktop

Education Desktop

Give faculty, staff, administrators, and students powerful desktops that are secure and easy to manage.

With the education desktop, connecting and collaborating can be easier than ever, thanks to the powerful combination of Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, and Office Web Apps. These easy-to-use tools can help students and educators stay connected from virtually anywhere so they can communicate more clearly and bring ideas to life more quickly. And they can do so in a more secure and easier-to-manage environment.

Discover improved collaboration, management, and security - on or off campus

Whether accessing the campus network from a home computer or editing a presentation on a smartphone, students and educators can get enhanced productivity and improved security with the education desktop.

Extend learning beyond the classroom

  • Complete assignments - even when off campus or away from a computer - by creating documents in Microsoft Office 2010 and then posting them online to access, view, and edit with Office Web Apps.
  • Create presentations and develop research projects in Office 2010, and then work with groups and teams by posting documents online. Share ideas and contribute content via a web browser and Office Web Apps.
  • Share notes, files, music, photos - and even printers - across desktops, using PCs running the Windows 7 operating system.

Benefit from better management and improved security

  • See how information traveling through public networks can be more secure with the powerful yet easy-to-administer Windows 7 AppLocker.
  • Discover how to make protecting sensitive data easier than ever with BitLocker, which helps prevent unauthorized user access - even on removable drives.
  • Enjoy greater security, because documents are automatically scanned for errors, spyware, and malware with Office 2010.
  • Manage who can view and edit documents, regardless of which software version the user has, with Office Web Apps.

Help save time and effort with streamlined processes

  • Enjoy improved PC performance: Windows 7 can make your system faster, more secure, and more reliable.
  • Explore easier-than-ever search functions with Windows Search. Simply type a word or two from the Start menu, and instantly locate and open any file on your PC - from term papers to emails or favorite songs.
  • Go from sleep to resume mode faster with the improved performance of Windows 7. This makes it easier to put your PC away and resume later - right where you left off.
  • Connect video content to presentations easily with Internet Video Support in PowerPoint 2010. Link video files from social media sites, like YouTube, Facebook, or Myspace, right into presentations. And increase the visual impact by adjusting color, adding video effects, or incorporating new, dynamic slide transitions and animations.
  • Analyze and gain insight from data using Excel 2010. Organize data and quickly create everything from datasheets to assignment timelines.

Get more from your education desktop infrastructure

With Windows 7, Office 2010, and Office Web Apps, IT professionals can manage education desktops in more efficient and cost-effective ways. The combination of solutions allows for management and deployment of tools and resources to help assess, plan, and build across current education IT infrastructures.

Simplify management

  • Provide optimal desktop solutions for different education user needs, while helping to reduce IT complexity.
  • Use the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack and Windows 7 to simplify the steps to plan, create, and deploy desktop images and to help streamline the deployment process.
  • Learn how to start using the software upgrades you invested in with Software Assurance and your Microsoft Volume Licensing agreement.

Manage upgrades

  • Receive a clear inventory of which computers can run the latest Microsoft desktop software, with the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit Solution Accelerator.
  • Help get more life out of older computers with Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs.

Help increase flexibility

  • Help increase the flexibility of your school or campus PCs by upgrading to Windows 7 and Office 2010.
  • Discover improved on-demand access to applications, which can help increase academic institution agility and increase time available for other projects.
  • Integrate technologies and minimize potential application and operating system compatibility issues.

Help save costs and free up IT resources

  • The Windows 7 operating system can streamline management tasks, and the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack can simplify your desktop management, allowing you to free up your most important IT resource - people.
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