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Optimize Server Infrastructure

Optimize Server Infrastructure

Manage your servers more cost-effectively, enhance security and compliance, and gain agility to help drive performance within your institution.

The technology infrastructure you build today must be able to support and respond to tomorrow’s needs. Because it isn’t clear what devices and applications may be brought into your infrastructure five years from now or what your institution's needs might be, it is crucial to create a system that is both optimized for today’s known demands and allows for quick modifications to respond to new requirements or opportunities.

Infrastructure optimization solutions from Microsoft give you the flexibility and agility you need to drive performance - today and into the future.

Solve real-world challenges

Many institutions have complex networks with servers and clustered systems spread across several locations. This leads to a server infrastructure that:

  • Is costly to acquire and maintain
  • Can be difficult to manage and secure
  • Prevents effective execution of compliance policies
  • Uses significant energy resources
  • Processes information too slowly

Server infrastructure optimization can help you realize the value of your ICT investments and help make your infrastructure a strategic asset that drives agility within your institution.

Realize the benefits of an optimized server infrastructure

Microsoft server infrastructure optimization can help you:

  • Control costs. Consolidating, automating, and centralizing server usage and management can help you use your resources wisely, eliminate repetitive ICT tasks, and reduce energy consumption.
  • Enhance security and compliance. Integrated management and security, along with a comprehensive identity and access strategy, can help you enhance compliance, provide a more secure, policy- based access for remote users, and help ensure continuity.
  • Drive agility. Infrastructure that can speed the deployment of software and upgrades, easily integrate legacy systems, and enhance disaster recovery can help your entire institution adjust rapidly to changing needs.