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World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum Global Education Initiative (GEI) works to raise awareness and support to implement relevant, sustainable, and scalable national education plans on a global level.

To accomplish these goals, the GEI relies on the increased engagement of the private sector. Through its unprecedented partnerships with UNESCO and the Education for All Fast Track Initiative, along with the continuous commitment and support of the partners and members of the World Economic Forum, the GEI aims to increase education partnerships around the globe.

Directly impacting at least 1.8 million students and teachers, the GEI has mobilized more than U.S.$100 million toward resource support in Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Rwanda, and Rajasthan. With a steering board of 9 industry and strategic partners, the GEI engages more than 40 private sector groups, 14 governments, 7 international organizations, and 20 non-governmental organizations.