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Streamline Organizational Processes

Streamline Organizational Processes

Automate processes to help you save time, save money, and improve regulatory compliance.

​Redundant processes could be using your valuable resources in ways that are inefficient and costly. Each school or department in your institution may have detailed processes that meet their individual needs, but if these processes (or parts of them) are paper-based or duplicated, you’re losing valuable time and money.

Some of the process that use common information and are often paper-based include:

  • Tracking student enrollment
  • Paying faculty
  • Entering attendance records
  • Managing financial aid accounts
  • Requesting time off
  • Preparing reports

When you streamline your information and communications technology (ICT), and the underlying processes, you can free up valuable resources. For example, you can replace separate, paper-based processes for providing a student’s address to people and departments such as the registrar, librarian, transportation coordinator, and financial aid office, with one location to enter the student’s information electronically. You can even make it automatically available to any authorized individual or department. And when the student’s address changes, it only needs to be updated in one place.

At the heart of our solutions is the Microsoft Application Platform with Microsoft BizTalk Server, which integrates everything from legacy systems to web services, from the classroom to the Internet.

Leverage your existing platform

You won't likely need a new platform to make this transformation; you just need more effective ways to use the platform already in place. You have many processes already using legacy and line-of-business systems with large amounts of data. When you implement a pragmatic service-oriented architecture (SOA) that uses your existing platform, you organize your services and applications and make them available across multiple channels, including portals, Microsoft Office system applications, web browsers, packaged applications, and mobile devices. So, when a member of your faculty or staff needs to find information or complete a task, it’s easy for them to access the tools and data they need to perform the task efficiently.

Realize the benefits of streamlined processes

By streamlining your organizational processes, you can have:

  • More time. Do you know an educator who doesn’t wish for more time? Provide them with it by way of streamlined processes.
  • Improved regulatory compliance. Easily produce more accurate district, state, and federal reports.
  • More productive employees. With less busy work, better insight into processes, and improved workflow, your people can focus on their primary responsibilities.
  • Better return on technology investments. There’s no need to throw out your legacy applications and start from scratch. Instead, integrate them and create new composite applications that help to overcome their limitations, so you can get the most from your ICT resources.
  • Increased agility. Your new, streamlined processes and service-oriented architecture provide the flexible foundation you need to adapt quickly to the constant evolution of education and technology.
  • Reduced waste. Moving paper-based forms and processes online is an important step toward saving valuable resources and meeting the goals of the environmental initiatives at your institution.