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Microsoft in Education


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  • Office 365 deployment overview

    This presentation is designed to help you understand the options and plan your deployment. It explains the terminology, compares the deployment options, and describes the tools that are included with Office 365 for education.

  • Implementing Office 365 across the district/campus community

    Office 365 can bring value to your education institution. Join us to find out how to roll out Office 365 web-conferencing, calendaring, and collaboration tools at your educational institution.

  • Changing the game with immersive learning in special education

    Interactive learning is the key to motivating and engaging students in today’s technologically advanced world. Discover how educators are addressing students with specific needs with Kinect for Xbox 360 from Microsoft.

  • Changing the game with Kinect in education

    Interactive learning is the key to motivating and engaging students in today’s technologically advanced world. Discover how educators are changing the game in education with Kinect for Xbox 360 from Microsoft.

  • Turn 1 PC into 10 workstations with Windows MultiPoint Server and GreenBridge

    Join us to hear how GreenBridge Computing and Microsoft are teaming up to offer a more cost-effective way for students and teachers to gain access to the latest technology, even on limited budgets.

  • Bring learning to life with Kinect

    This webcast is hosted by Center for Digital Education. Learn how Loudoun County Public Schools uses Kinect to engage and inspire students in classroom activities and in physical education, and how Kinect is supporting their students with special needs.

  • Student solutions built on SharePoint 2010

    Join co-hosts Microsoft and the Center for Advanced Technologies (a public magnet program housed at Lakewood Senior High School, in Florida), and see demonstrations of student-developed solutions built on the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform.

  • Optimized desktop for schools and universities

    Learn about education desktop solutions designed to help your IT organization maintain security, streamline management, and cut costs.

  • Working together - Anytime. Anywhere.

    Collaborate across your campus, your city, the nation, or the world with cutting-edge solutions like Microsoft Live@edu and Microsoft Office Web Apps. Keep your students, educators, and staff connected—regardless of platform, device, or location.

  • Managing relationships and retention

    See how Microsoft solutions can facilitate smooth, efficient operations. Help meet student and teacher recruitment and retention goals, improve alumni/constituent relationship management, maximize funding from grants, and collaborate more effectively.

  • Enrollment for Education Solutions

    Discover the new license program, Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES), an easy, cost-effective offer that provides qualified academic customers a simplified way to acquire Microsoft software and services under a single, subscription agreement.

  • Desktop management and virtualization for schools and universities

    Microsoft operational efficiency solutions can help you simplify education IT infrastructure, reduce costs, and improve the outcome for your school and students.

  • Business-ready security for your school

    Help protect anywhere, anytime access. Microsoft business-ready security can help schools protect their assets and infrastructure while addressing shrinking budgets and increased regulatory pressure.

  • Azure for education

    See how you can develop on the Windows Azure platform—the Microsoft cloud platform as a service (PaaS) offering—and how to scale your systems as the needs of your institution grow.

  • Microsoft Office 2010 tips and tricks for educators and students

    Discover new ways to make quick work of daily tasks, collaborate with teachers, share information, and engage students with Microsoft Office 2010. These tips can help you make the most of the built-in tools in Microsoft Office for education.

  • Microsoft private cloud: Infrastructure management

    You can deliver IT as a service (ITaaS) for your education institution using technology you already own. In this second webcast on the Microsoft private cloud, learn more how cloud computing can benefit your school, college, university, or district.

  • Windows and SQL in the cloud (and why you should care)

    Learn about the many Microsoft cloud benefits available to education organizations, and discover easy, effective partner solutions that make the most of them.

  • Rich, interactive teaching and learning

    Inspire your students, and boost engagement in the classroom with intuitive tools from Microsoft that can help you improve education outcomes.