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Microsoft in Education

Entrepreneurship, Employability, and Workforce Development

Entrepreneurship, Employability, and Workforce Development

The need for a more digitally literate workforce places a greater emphasis on education and training strategies with a focus on employability.

Developing workplace skills through education

Microsoft provides students, educators and adults with the technology and training needed to build skills for success in tomorrow’s workplace. With close to 11,000 Microsoft IT Academy members in more than 160 countries, the Microsoft IT Academy program helps drive employability, digital literacy, and 21st-century workforce development through IT training and certification for students and educators.

Skills development for youth/adult employment

Keeping up in today’s world requires the right skills, education, and experiences in order to be prepared for new jobs and opportunities. Empowering young people includes providing access to technology skills training, and Microsoft Certifications can help students differentiate themselves in today’s competitive job market. The IT industry is one of the few industries where there is growth not only in technology but also in jobs. There is a dire need for a technically skilled workforce and Microsoft Certifications provide the validation of skills that can help students get a job in IT.

Applying ICT for better quality teaching and learning

Microsoft partners with education communities globally to create and deliver an ecosystem of resources to help drive real impact, real learning, and real innovation.

Microsoft created the Partners in Learning (PiL) program to help educators and school leaders around the world connect, collaborate, create, and share. PiL helps educators and governments enhance student learning through digital inclusion and innovative teaching practices to help students build skills they need for the future.

Programs such as Live@Edu, DreamSpark, Office Live Workspace, and Windows Live Skydrive help teachers find and share resources to streamline content creation, support student assessments, and differentiate curriculum. And Microsoft Office 365 for education delivers the power of cloud productivity to educational institutions, helping to save time and money while increasing student and faculty productivity. Office 365 is simple to use, secure, and reliable, and from Summer 2012 will be available free to all educators and students – extending learning possibilities to students while helping them master technology they will use in future careers.

Supporting Public Private Partnerships and policy development

Many of our efforts are in partnership with governments and combine Microsoft products and services with years of citizenship, government, and education expertise, along with broad Public Private Partnership experience.

We are focused on helping countries accelerate economic growth by expanding technology access and inclusion and by developing workforce skills for the 21st century to improve job readiness and placement. We are currently working with governments on bringing education policy and programs into the 21st century in developing countries. We aim to help countries address societal challenges and build healthy communities by expanding educational and employment opportunities for all.

We also invest in partnerships, deploy our own employees, and leverage our technology to support skills development.