Windows MultiPoint Server

Schools can create student workstations in classrooms, libraries, and labs – and easily connect them to a single server.



Windows MultiPoint Server

More access, less cost

Multiple workstations share the processing capabilities of one computer so that each student has an independent computing session. Each user station is directly connected to the host computer and consists of a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. But even though they are sharing the processing capabilities of one computer, each student experiences his or her own independent computing session. Teachers can easily create an account for each student from the host computer. With individual accounts, students can set their own favorites in Internet Explorer, customize desktop backgrounds, set up their own desktop icons, customize the Start menu, and more.

Familiar Windows experience

​Students and teachers will see familiar features like Internet Explorer, Windows Search, and Windows Media Player. As a result, teachers and students will spend less time having to learn new technology and navigating different user interfaces - and more time on what counts: teaching and learning.

Easy sharing

Teachers can share files and videos with students and manage student accounts from one location. When teachers want to share a file or video with students so they can collaborate on a project, all they need to do is save the file in a shared folder. And MultiPoint Manager, an intuitive user interface, makes it simple for teachers to manage Schools were able to realize 80 percent power savings, maintenance costs.


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