Technology Enriched Instruction

The “Technology Enriched Instruction” (TEI) workshop is designed by faculty to help college and university faculty improve their use of technology in their teaching and instruction.

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Technology Enriched Instruction

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The “Technology Enriched Instruction" (TEI) workshop is designed to help college and university faculty improve their use of technology in their teaching and instruction. It assists educators to develop competencies that will enable them to plan systemically for the selection, utilization and evaluation of technology tools and resources in a pedagogically appropriate manner. The workshop, and the accompanying materials, are designed to be resources that enable faculty to return to their institutions and help other faculty gain the same understandings of the use of technology in their classrooms.

This workshop, designed by faculty for faculty, is dramatically different from most other faculty professional development workshops on technology. While others tend to focus on simply learning the technology tools, leaving it up to the participants to make the connection to pedagogy and content knowledge, this workshop is based on TPACK which provides for an integrated approach to combining technology, pedagogy and content knowledge. While the workshop does contain considerable Microsoft technology, its focus is not techno-centric. Rather, through participatory and inquiry-based learning, it will allow faculty to actively experience a range of technology tools and resources and connect them to research-based approaches to their use in teaching.

Faculty who complete this workshop will obtain status as a Microsoft Faculty Fellow and receive a certificate signed by Microsoft, the Society of Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) and, if applicable, a local university affiliate. A digital badge on the Microsoft Partners in Learning Network and an email signature block will also be provided.

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