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As organizations handle growing volumes of personal data and use it in more diverse ways, they must contend with greater risks and complex compliance requirements to meet government, consumer, investor, and employee expectations for security and privacy. In addition to this, organizations also have to worry about maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of their intellectual property and other trade secrets.  This session is for IT professionals and business users who are looking to understand the key data security, privacy, and compliance-related concerns, what data governance is and what it encompasses, and how data governance compliments IT governance and compliance.

5 Time: 1:06:28

January 06, 2014

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Maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of data and a growing list of compliance obligations are top concerns for government organizations and enterprises alike. Data governance addresses many aspects of data management, including information privacy, security, and compliance. We examine the core capabilities related to people and processes that are required to enable data governance for privacy, confidentiality, and compliance (DGPC). For the people component, a virtual team model is presented to help professionals enact or improve a data governance initiative. For the process component, we look at key activities, inputs, outputs, and responsible participants in a DGPC initiative.

5 Time: 58:21

January 06, 2014

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To meet current and future data security and privacy challenges and fulfill legal compliance obligations, organizations must find ways to improve risk management. A data governance for privacy, confidentiality, and compliance (DGPC) program complements an organization's IT governance framework, information security management system, and privacy program.  In this Security Talk session, we discuss the tools that can help organizations evaluate security and privacy risks in the context of the information life cycle, and we explain technical and nontechnical measures to manage these risks based on the organization's risk tolerance.

0 Time: 46:39

January 06, 2014

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