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Game Developers. Give consumers what they want — a certified Games for Windows Title! All you need is the newly launched Games for Windows Self-Certification Program.

The Games for Windows Self-Certification program is designed to showcase the Windows gaming platform, and to promote game titles which pass a set of technical requirements and promise consumers a great gaming experience.

These requirements ensure a consistent level of compatibility with Games for Windows and enable you to take advantage of new Windows 7 "showcase features". The process is easy, and the benefits of leveraging the Games for Windows brand, once approved, is invaluable. Consumers say the Games for Windows brand represents the promise of compatibility and supports them in making good Windows gaming title decisions.

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Marketing Benefits

All certified Games for Windows Titles receive these marketing benefits:

  • Title featured on gamesforwindows.com

  • Microsoft quote provided for use in any Public Relations materials

Additional marketing benefits could include:

  • Premium placement at key consumer/industry events (such as CES and E3)

  • Community outreach via Social Media Markets

  • Co-marketing opportunities with Ecosystem Partners

  • Title placement in soon to be opened Microsoft Retail stores

  • Title showcase in Games for Windows newsletter to gaming consumers

  • Title promoted via game launch emails

What Other Developer's Are Saying

"The GFW test tool has made life a lot easier for us, reducing the time we spend on reports and preparatory materials. This allows us to focus on other key aspects of our applications."

"We think that the Game for Windows requirement is a must to create a quality standard among all our products that will facilitate any user at home to easily use all of our program the same away without creating confusion. Also, it helps the user at home to avoid any technical issues or any unexpected behavior."

Ready to Start the Self Certification Process?

  • Games for Windows: Technical Requirements

  • Games for Windows: Test Cases

    Get details on how to test a title's compliance with the Games for Windows technical requirements

  • Games for Windows: Showcase Features

    Titles that utilize showcase features and demonstrate illustrate the power of gaming development on different Windows platforms will be eligible for additional marketing benefits over titles that only meet the Games for Windows standard technical requirements.

Participating Developers

Many of the top game developers are already leveraging the power of the Games for Windows brand to provide consumers with a great gaming experience.

Games for Windows Self-Certification Newsletter

Learn about Middleware compliance, Direct 3D 11 and more!