Modernize your infrastructure platform


Outdated tools can add many hidden costs

Although it may seem cost-effective to keep hardware and software as long as possible, outdated tools can pose costly security risks. By incorporating the latest Microsoft Office and Windows offerings, many agencies are mitigating these risks. They gain better uptime, a better end-user experience, and lower management costs.

The District of Columbia recently modernized its operations with a new enterprise project management solution. The district enabled new capabilities for resource planning and drove significant cost savings through more efficient, security-enhanced collaboration.

Benefits to running a modernized desktop include:

  • Reducing the security and privacy risk of running outdated software
    • Safeguards like automatic fixes, updates, and technical assistance are not offered for many older versions of software and hardware.

  • Avoiding the incremental costs of older technology
    • With new technology, expensive support plans can surpass the cost of implementing new products or solutions.

  • Enabling timely access to data for critical decision making
    • Elected officials and departments can respond to citizen requests sooner with a modern infrastructure.

Download the white paper on the costs and security risks associated with running Windows XP after support ends on April 8, 2014.

Become aware of costly security threats

Read the Security Intelligence Report to learn about the security landscape of exploits, vulnerabilities, and malware associated with outdated software and hardware.

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