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How can you use technology as a catalyst for change?

While cities manage a diverse range of departments and programs, you can address common issues in a scalable way to achieve:

  • Enhanced service delivery and citizen engagement
  • Increased productivity and IT efficiencies
  • Greater visibility through analytics to inform better decision-making

Service delivery and citizen engagement

Globally, approximately 80 percent of all citizen services are delivered at the local level. And according to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), 75 percent of the world’s population is expected to live in cities by the year 2050.

Not only are more people moving to cities - city dwellers are living longer, too. This aging demographic requires more services than their younger counterparts.

There is an unprecedented demand on cities to provide social services to help those in need. ​Cities require new, efficient ways to deliver services to diverse citizens and constituents.

Microsoft can deliver technology solutions to help your city address the challenges you face today, and provide you with a foundation for future innovation.

Workplace modernization

The increased demand on services and reduction in traditional revenue sources is forcing cities to find ways to improve productivity and reduce costs while maintaining a high caliber of service.

Providing modern tools to help workers do their jobs more efficiently in the office and in the field is one way to gain efficiencies. But reducing operational expenditures requires a holistic approach to technology, spanning IT and operations departments.

Microsoft solutions can help you empower people to make a real impact in local governments, while maximizing efficiencies of IT infrastructures.

Insight and intelligence

Cities are the intersection of economic, societal, and environmental spheres. And city leaders require a constant, comprehensive view into issues ranging from health, education, and public safety, to economic development, environmental protection, and transportation.

While all of these elements are inextricably tied to one another, it is challenging to manage the breadth and scope of these diverse programs in an integrated fashion.

Insight and accountability tools from Microsoft and our partners can help your city leaders analyze and evaluate the data they need to form a big picture. With greater visiblity, your leaders can make faster, more informed policy, budget, and management decisions to help your city thrive.

Industry solutions

Cities around the world rely on Microsoft and its partners to help address their needs related to challenges in: