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The Translation Feedback project is completed!

A big thank you to everybody who logged on and contributed with great suggestions, comments and votes. Your insightful feedback will definitely help us to make our terminology more understandable for users.

Total number of participants: 12

Most active participants

Special thanks to our lead project contributors:

  • PC_sarwar
  • PC_Avesta
  • shmajeed

And for adding well-informed and insightful comments, many thanks to: PC_sarwar

How did we pick the best suggestions?

A panel of terminologists, translators, engineers and marketing specialists reviews the community feedback and decides which terms to choose as final translations.

So what happens to your feedback?

We will hand off the terms we recommend to be changed to the Product Group. The Product Group will then decide which of the terms can be changed for the next product release and which ones to postpone. Please note that the terms included in this project may be used across several of our products. Changing these will require careful coordination and might take a while.

We hope that you enjoyed taking part and keep checking the Microsoft Language Portal for upcoming translation feedback projects. We expect to announce similar projects in a couple of months.


Did you know that you can now search our terminology databases online, using the Microsoft Language Portal? Check it out, you can also download our Localization Style Guides and provide feedback on terms and translations.

Thank you very much for your time and energy and hope to see you back soon.


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