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Software License Financing

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Make it more strategic and affordable to acquire or renew Microsoft licenses.

With Software License Financing, you get predictable payment options customized to fit your A/P cycle and your budget - enabling your company to keep IT and still free up corporate lines for other investments.

A customized payment structure also can also address budget restraints while presenting new opportunities to reduce costs and improve productivity.

"We were able to come to an arrangement that made excellent financial sense for IMG group."
Ian Carter, IT Director EMEA, IMG
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If you already license software from Microsoft or are considering purchasing licenses, Software License Financing can help your organization:

  • Acquire the IT solution you need to achieve business goals sooner rather than later

  • Align IT benefits with costs by paying over time versus making substantial cash investment upfront.

  • Think long-term and ensure sustained progress in your IT infrastructure

  • Free up your working capital and credit lines for other required investments

  • Stay agile by adding or upgrading technology and services and add them to your contract as needed

If you are interested in a financing solution that includes not only your software licenses, but also services, 3rd party or partner products, learn more about Total Solution Financing.

Here is an example of how Software License Financing could work for you:

  • Challenge: You want to simplify multiple licensing contracts while giving employees access to the latest technology.

  • Solution: Purchase a new Microsoft Enterprise Agreement via customized payments. The graphic below shows an annual breakdown and monthly payments.

  • Benefits: Payments start lower in the first year and increase as the organization realizes the benefits of its new IT solution.

    Annual Payments and Total

    Monthly Payment Breakdown

    Year 1: $480,876.08


    Year 2: $1,122,044.20


    Year 3: $1,602,920.28


    Total: $3,205,840.56


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