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How to Be Found: Search Engine Optimization
Author Leon Warman
Pages 464
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Level Int/Adv
Published 01/07/2009
ISBN 9780735625464

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Improve your search engine results with real-world advice from an expert in search engine technology.

Learn best practices for making your Web site discoverable—with advice from an expert in worldwide collaborative search technology. To stay competitive, businesses need to have a Web presence. But with more than 80 billion pages out there—and growing—how can your customers find you? As Web complexity increases, understanding the various search technologies and how they interact can be difficult. But this guide offers Web developers and Web marketers the information, tools, and expert insights they need to stay ahead of the curve. Benefit from the author’s deep, insider’s understanding of the way search engines work. This guide delivers real-world advice for optimizing Web sites to appear favorably in search engine results, monitoring and measuring search results, and improving your ranking, whether you’re developing a strategy for a large enterprise or a small business.

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