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Running Microsoft® Office 2000 Premium
Author Michael Halvorson and Michael Young
Pages 1552
Disk N/A
Level Beg/Int
Published 05/07/1999
ISBN 9781572319455
ISBN-10 1-57231-945-3
Price(USD) $49.99
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"RUNNING MICROSOFT® OFFICE 2000 PREMIUM includes exactly the sort of detailed how-to information you need on each application's features and tools. It's a great choice for individuals and businesses that live and die by their Office 2000 skills." — David Wall June, 1999

About the Book

The answers you need to use Microsoft Office 2000—what productivity means today!

RUNNING MICROSOFT OFFICE 2000 PREMIUM comes packed with everything from quick, clear instructions for new users to advanced answers for experienced users. Complete in one volume, the book takes you through the most used tasks and functions of Microsoft’s Premium Office Suite. In short, this is the authoritative handbook you’ll keep by your computer and use every day. Comprehensive • From the basic to the advanced level, learn to use each of the Office 2000 components: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint®, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft PhotoDrawTM, Microsoft FrontPage®, and Small Business Tools • Use Microsoft Office 2000 to easily publish, view, and share documents on the Internet • Learn how to integrate the Office 2000 applications and share data between them Easy Access to Information • “Chapters at a Glance” for quick reference • Master table of contents • Extensive cross-referenced index • Two-color interior for easier navigation Everything Is Clear • Step-by-step instructions • Hundreds of screen illustrations • Real-world examples • Tips and advice from the experts

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