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Knowledge Management Strategies
Author Jerry Honeycutt
Pages 272
Disk N/A
Level Intermediate
Published 06/28/2000
ISBN 9780735607248
Price $39.99
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About the Book

Discover how to connect the right people with the right information for competitive advantage.

New digital technology is improving business efficiency by radically increasing the quality and quantity of information available to knowledge workers. KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES will help you decide which new knowledge-management technologies are relevant to your business and show you how to use them to build an integrated knowledge-management solution. The book also provides detailed case studies of successful knowledge-management implementations, complete with quantifiable benefits. You’ll discover how these implementations enable smarter business planning and analysis, faster product design and feedback, more effective project and people tracking, and better employee management and training. This book will help you to:

• Understand the business case for implementing an enterprise knowledge-management solution to enhance communication among employees
• Recognize your organization’s knowledge assets and barriers to knowledge sharing
• Separate knowledge-management myths from realities and learn how to survive knowledge-management implementation pitfalls
• Examine successful knowledge-management solutions for product design, consumer management, employee management, and business planning
• Choose technology building blocks and best practices that can help you implement a successful knowledge-management solution for your enterprise
• Learn about the Microsoft® knowledge-management strategy, platforms, and technologies and how they can help you connect workers with the knowledge they need
• Discover how to build a knowledge-management solution that takes advantage of Microsoft products you may already be using

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