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Programming Server-Side Applications for Microsoft® Windows® 2000
Author Jeffrey Richter, Jason D. Clark
Pages 736
Disk 1 Companion CD(s)
Level Intermediate
Published 03/22/2000
ISBN 9780735607538
ISBN-10 0-7356-0753-2
Price(USD) $49.99
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About the Book

Build powerfully robust services faster!

Writing code is an art form. Writing code for services requires total mastery of the art form. And with the expert guidance of Jeffrey Richter, author of Programming Applications for Microsoft® Windows®, and Jason Clark, a Windows 2000 security programming specialist for Microsoft, you’ll master the intricacies of developing ultrascalable server software for Windows 2000. Richter and Clark lead you meticulously through the service-application architecture in the Windows 2000 operating system—helping you apply what you already know about DLLs, structured exception handling, Unicode, and other Windows facilities to the unique demands of service development. Discover how to: • Write resource-efficient code that cleans up after itself and doesn’t bog down the system • Develop coveted security expertise—learning how to manage trustees, access control, and user context • Save precious CPU cycles—and get better server performance—by using the I/O completion port for interthread communication and device I/O • Enable remote administration of your services by creating service control programs for the Service Control Manager (SCM) database • Incorporate event logging and performance monitoring into your applications • Learn how to administer services using Windows Management Instrumentation • See services in action by examining over 15 samples included on CD Each chapter teaches by example, skillfully demonstrating techniques and their tradeoffs, and guiding you past common programming mistakes. Study the authors’ sample applications and custom C++ classes—and use them in your own development—to deliver powerfully robust services faster! INCLUDED ON CD-ROM! You get source code for the authors’ Windows 2000–based applications and services, including: • FileCopy—demonstrates I/O completion ports • TimeService—includes all the necessary components for building a simple service • SuperSCP—shows how to programmatically control—add, delete, start, stop, reconfigure—services • RegScan and RegNotify—search the registry, enumerate keys and values, and receive registry notifications • AppLog and Event Monitor—code that reports and reads events from the event log • HWInputMon—shows how to incorporate performance information in your applications that is viewable with System Monitor • TimeServiceProvider—uses Windows Management Instrumentation to administer services • TrusteeMan—demonstrates Net and LSA functions for managing accounts and system privileges • AccessMaster—modifies access rights and secures common objects in the system • RoboService—reveals private security objects and client/server control using named pipes • TokenMaster—demonstrates token-related system functions • SSPIChat and SSLChat—illustrate authentication, impersonation, message signing, and encryption capabilities ALSO ON CD-ROM: Microsoft Platform SDK (Windows 2000 Release Edition), C++ classes to assist in development, best practices docs, and a fully searchable electronic version of the book.

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