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Programming Collaborative Web Applications with Microsoft® Exchange 2000 Server
Author Mindy Martin
Pages 912
Disk 1 Companion CD(s)
Level Intermediate
Published 07/12/2000
ISBN 9780735607729
Price $49.99
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About the Book

Build powerful server-side applications with Exchange 2000 Server and the Microsoft® Web Storage System!

Accelerate your development productivity with the expert insights and instructive code samples in this hands-on guide. Created with the full support of the Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server development team, it delivers the detailed information you need to use the leading-edge Web Storage System technology in Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server to build powerful applications for calendaring, contact management, workflow, and more. You’ll dig deep into the architecture and schema of the Web Storage System to see how it provides easy access to e-mail, documents, and Web pages, and you’ll explore its support for XML and other Internet standards. This highly technical expert guide will help you:

• Understand Exchange 2000 Server development: Develop quickly with the Exchange 2000 Server and Web Storage System platform, master tools for building Web Storage System applications, organize data within the store, and get to that data from most clients without using any code.
• Learn how to access data: Define and access custom content classes and properties, use OLE DB and the Microsoft ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO) 2.5 Object Model to access the Web Storage System, use Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) for Exchange to develop messaging and calendaring applications, and interact with Microsoft Active Directory™ services.
• Extend your application: Go beyond the core features of Exchange 2000 Server to use Web Storage System events, design workflow applications, and develop for Microsoft Outlook® 2000.
• Build for the Web: Explore applications and tools for the Web, build Web Storage System forms that replace the standard Microsoft Outlook Web access forms, and create Web pages that use XML and XSL for added flexibility in your Web applications.Prepare for the enterprise: Build secure applications with the Windows 2000 security model, set up your own test environment, secure your middle-tier components by using the COM+ role-based security model, and understand key issues to watch out for when deploying a custom enterprise application.

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