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Microsoft® Outlook® 2000 Step by Step Courseware Expert Skills Class Pack
Author ActiveEducation
Pages 208
Disk 1 Companion CD(s)
Level Beginner
Published 04/12/2000
ISBN 9780735609822
Price $20.00
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About the Book

The in-depth software training course that’s designed to help you get the most out of Microsoft Outlook 2000.

This STUDENT GUIDE (also available in a full color version) is a key part of the Microsoft® STEP BY STEP COURSEWARE series, which provides everything you need to get up and running quickly with Microsoft software products. This guide will help you master advanced techniques with Microsoft Outlook® 2000.

• Tips provide helpful hints and alternative ways to complete tasks, while important notes state warnings and cautions.
• Numbered steps provide detailed instructions to help you learn new skills.
• Margin notes give you additional information about the lesson.
• The MOUS logo indicates a task that will be tested on the Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) certification exam.
• Putting It All Together exercises challenge you to apply what you’ve learned in new ways.
• Quick Quizzes test what you’ve learned in each lesson.
• The Lesson Glossary defines key terms shown in boldface throughout the lesson.

Using this STUDENT GUIDE, you’ll learn how to:
• Meet the Microsoft Outlook MOUS expert-level objectives
• Add your signature to e-mail and use templates and other advanced e-mail features
• Master the advanced Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes features in Outlook
• Set up Net folders and public folders and use Outlook to create and send a fax

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