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Quick Course® in Microsoft® Excel 2000
Author Online Press, Inc.
Pages 176
Disk N/A
Level Beg/Int
Published 02/16/2000
ISBN 9780735610811
Price $9.99
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About the Book

Learn to use Microsoft Excel 2000 in a hurry!

Quick Course books offer you streamlined instruction in the form of no-nonsense, to-the-point tutorials and learning exercises. The core of each book is a logical sequence of straightforward, easy-to-follow instructions for building useful business skills—the same skills that you use on the job. QUICK COURSE IN MICROSOFT EXCEL 2000 offers fast-paced tutorials to help you quickly grasp spreadsheet basics and build proficiency.

Offering powerful new features, Microsoft Excel 2000 is a Web-ready spreadsheet program that lets users access, analyze, and take advantage of the wealth of data on intranets and the Internet. Topics covered by QUICK COURSE IN MICROSOFT EXCEL 2000 include:

• Entering text, numbers, values, dates, and times; using menus and toolbars
• Editing and formatting worksheets
• Calculations—totaling and averaging values, using formulas, linking worksheets with formulas, and printing and publishing worksheets on intranets and the Web
• Graphing worksheet data
• Extracting data from a list—sorting and summarizing data; finding, adding, deleting, and filtering records
• Advanced calculations—supporting tables, estimate worksheets, what-if analysis, and variables

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