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Microsoft® Combat Flight Simulator 2: WW II Pacific Theater: Inside Moves
Author Jeff Van West
Pages 336
Disk N/A
Level All Levels
Published 10/11/2000
ISBN 9780735611764
Price $19.99
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About the Book

Fly through hell and back in the Pacific with our expert help!

Thank your lucky stars that MICROSOFT COMBAT FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2: WWII PACIFIC THEATER: INSIDE MOVES is on your side. This essential flight-survival guide gives you the advanced tips, tactics, strategies, and advice you need to survive this furiously realistic simulation. You get memoir-style sidebars about the deadly air war in the Pacific, plus vital details about its environment and terrain, aircraft, airfields, and carriers. You get in-depth information about combat flight school, how to play the game over a network, and how to customize planes, missions, and scenery. And the “Enemy Order of Battle” foldout gives you diagrams of the key combat aircraft used by both sides in the Pacific so that you can quickly see who’s on your side in the heat of battle.

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