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Creating Dynamic Presentations with Streaming Media
Author Matt Lichtenberg and Jim Travis
Pages 352
Disk 1 Companion CD(s)
Level Int/Adv
Published 12/12/2001
ISBN 9780735614369
Price $29.99
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About the Book

Use easy tools to create compelling presentations you deliver on line!

With CREATING DYNAMIC PRESENTATIONS WITH STREAMING MEDIA, you don’t have to be a digital media professional to produce stunning digital media. This easy-to-follow handbook introduces Microsoft® Producer for PowerPoint® 2002—an all-in-one tool for turning ordinary slides, audio, video, and still images into impressive online presentations. From product demos to documentaries, e-learning to executive briefings, you’ll discover how to make your message come alive with rich streaming media you produce and publish yourself!

• Get professional production tips, tools, and how-tos—direct from the Microsoft Windows Media™ team
• Learn how to record high-quality, live video and audio
• Reuse your prerecorded material—from sound bites to Web content
• Easily edit and arrange your footage and files using the timeline tool
• Synchronize audio and video with slides
• Add scene transitions and special effects
• Stream your presentation—on demand—over any network!

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