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XML Step by Step, Second Edition
Author Michael J. Young
Pages 512
Disk 1 Companion CD(s)
Level Beg/Int
Published 11/28/2001
ISBN 9780735614659
ISBN-10 0-7356-1465-2
Price(USD) $39.99
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About the Book

Learn XML fundamentals with this step-by-step guide!

Teach yourself how to put the latest XML technology and standards to work—one step at a time! This thoroughly updated and expanded book expertly guides you through the process of creating XML documents and displaying them on the Web. Use the easy-to-follow lessons and hands-on exercises to learn essential techniques—and stay ahead of the curve by working with real-world examples in the Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 browser and the Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) 4.0. No matter what kind of content you want to get on line, this practical, proven tutorial shows how you can quickly and easily apply XML to the task. DISCOVER HOW TO: • Write well-formed and valid XML documents based on W3C specifications • Use namespaces to avoid naming conflicts • Create valid XML documents using document type definitions (DTDs) • Work with XML schemas • Display XML using Internet Explorer versions 5.0-6.0 and MSXML versions 2.0-4.0 • Format XML using cascading style sheets (CSS Level 1 and Level 2) • Produce powerful Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) style sheets • Use data binding and XML Document Object Model scripts to display XML in HTML Web pages INCLUDED ON CD-ROM: • Internet Explorer 6.0 • MSXML 4.0 and SDK • Copies of all source listings inside the book • Links to additional information and resources

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