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Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional Resource Kit Documentation
Author Microsoft Corporation
Pages 1744
Disk 1 Companion CD(s)
Level Advanced
Published 10/17/2001
ISBN 9780735614857
Price $59.99
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About the Book

Get comprehensive technical information and insights—direct from the Microsoft® Windows® XP product development team.

Roll out, support, and optimize the next-generation Microsoft business desktop operating systems with expertise from those who know the technology best—the Microsoft® Windows® XP product development team. This powerhouse guide is the all-in-one reference that computer-support professionals and administrators rely on to install, customize, and support Windows XP Professional and Windows XP 64-Bit Edition. It includes hundreds of pages of technical details and useful tips—all designed to help you save time, reduce support costs, and lower your total cost of ownership. Topics covered include:

• DEPLOYMENT: Planning deployments, automating and customizing installations, deploying multilingual solutions for global businesses, and supporting installations
• DESKTOP MANAGEMENT: Managing desktops, files, and folders; supporting mobile users; configuring Remote Desktop; managing devices and digital media; enabling printing and faxing; managing disks and file systems; and backing and restoring data
• SECURITY: Authenticating users, authorizing access to resources, and encrypting data
• NETWORKING: Connecting clients to Windows networks, configuring TCP/IP, configuring IP addressing and name resolution, connecting remote offices, and configuring telephony and conferencing
• INTEROPERABILITY: Interoperating with UNIX, NetWare, and IBM host systems
• SYSTEM TROUBLESHOOTING: Concepts and strategies for troubleshooting, and how to troubleshoot disks, file systems, and startup
• ADDITIONAL TOPICS: System files reference, troubleshooting-tools reference, common stop messages for troubleshooting, user rights, security event messages, Device Manager error codes, differences between Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP 64-Bit Edition, and accessibility for people with disabilities

• A fully searchable electronic version of the book

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