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Performance Testing Microsoft® .NET Web Applications
Author Microsoft ACE Team
Pages 320
Disk 1 Companion CD(s)
Level All Levels
Published 10/02/2002
ISBN 9780735615380
Price $39.99
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About the Book

Find out how to test your Web applications for world-class performance and scalability.

The shift from stand-alone desktop applications to Web-enabled applications that accommodate hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users makes performance testing critical. Find out how to make your Microsoft® .NET-based applications perform as well as or better than traditional desktop applications with this book—written by the Microsoft team that tests and tunes hundreds of Web sites and Web-based applications. You’ll learn how to take advantage of the best available tools to plan and execute performance tests, configure profile tools, analyze performance data from Microsoft Internet Information Services, Microsoft ASP.NET, managed code, the SQL tier, and more. You’ll also learn how to use the testing methodology that Microsoft uses to stress test its own sites—some of the most popular, high-performance Web sites in the world. Topics covered include:

• The testing methodology used on, Xbox™.com, and other high-volume sites
• Planning the performance test
• Stress testing with Microsoft Application Center Test (ACT)
• Monitoring application performance with Performance Monitor
• Testing Web site security
• Application Network Analysis
• Analyzing the Web tier
• Analyzing managed code
• Analyzing the SQL tier
• Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA)

• A fully searchable electronic copy of the book
• Scripts that test the performance of

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