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Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET Language Reference
Author Microsoft Corporation
Pages 528
Disk N/A
Level Advanced
Published 03/06/2002
ISBN 9780735615526
Price $39.99
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About the Book

The official reference for the Visual Basic .NET language and run time.

Here’s official documentation for the Visual Basic® .NET language, including descriptions of all language elements from A to Z. This LANGUAGE REFERENCE is taken from the electronic product documentation for Visual Basic .NET. In its printed form, this material is portable, easy to use, and easy to browse—a comprehensive alternative to the substantial online help system in Visual Basic .NET Standard software.

Get the details you need on language and run-time elements, including:
• Attributes
• Constants and enumerations
• Data types
• Directives
• Functions
• Keywords
• Methods
• Objects
• Operators
• Properties
• Statements

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