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Microsoft® Visual C#™ .NET Language Reference
Author Microsoft Corporation
Pages 404
Disk N/A
Level Advanced
Published 03/06/2002
ISBN 9780735615540
Price $39.99
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About the Book

The official reference for the Visual C# .NET programming language.

Here’s official documentation for the Microsoftâ Visual C#® .NET language, including descriptions of all major features. This LANGUAGE REFERENCE is taken from Microsoft’s electronic product documentation for Visual C# .NET. In its printed form, this material is portable, easy to use, and easy to browse—a comprehensive alternative to the substantial online help system in Visual C# .NET Standard software.

Get the technical details you need to work with:
• Types
• Modifiers
• Statements
• Method parameters
• Namespaces
• Operator keywords
• Conversion keywords
• Access keywords
• Literal keywords
• XML documentation
• Attributes
• Preprocessor directives

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