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Microsoft® .NET My Services Specification
Author Microsoft Corporation
Pages 544
Disk N/A
Level Beg/Int
Published 10/17/2001
ISBN 9780735615564
ISBN-10 0-7356-1556-X
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About the Book

Jump-start your Web development with this first look at the XML Message Interfaces (XMI) specification, security model, and services.

Microsoft® .NET My Services is the name for a set of XML Message Interfaces (XMI) delivered as part of the Microsoft .NET initiative. .NET My Services makes it easier for you to extend existing Web services to create new, sustainable Internet business models. This title introduces you to .NET My Services and details its messaging interface model, security model, and each service it provides. This title comes to you directly from the most trusted authority on .NET My Services—the Microsoft .NET services group. This title includes: • Details about the .NET My Services messaging interface model, .NET My Services data-manipulation language (HSDL), security-authorization model, system-document structure, and administration model • Descriptions of each .NET My Services service, including .NET application settings service, .NET calendar service, .NET categories service, .NET contacts service, .NET documents service, .NET favorite web sites service, .NET inbox service, .NET lists service, .NET notifications service, .NET profile service, .NET presence service, .NET services service, and .NET wallet service • A Foreword by Distinguished Engineer Mark Lucovsky of the Microsoft .NET services group • Preview chapters from INTRODUCING .NET MY SERVICES, including real-world examples of how .NET Services can benefit everyday users, plus detailed discussions of HSDL and XMI

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