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Designing Enterprise Applications with Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET
Author Robert Ian Oliver
Pages 500
Disk N/A
Level All Levels
Published 10/16/2002
ISBN 9780735617216
Price $49.99
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About the Book

Not just about Visual Basic .NET coding, this handbook provides advanced guidance about architectural and design issues and technology tradeoffs in large-scale, enterprise applications.

While many books cover specific technical issues, they very rarely provide architectural guidance, which is especially helpful with adoption of Microsoft .NET. This title educates developers on just these topics. The expert authors—two members of the Microsoft Visual Basic .NET product team—present technologies within the context of their most appropriate use, and discuss design tradeoffs for large-scale applications. They also offer advanced techniques for performance tuning, testing, and implementation.

• Architectural Guidance - Delivers the advanced guidance about architecture and tradeoffs that veteran developers need, especially since .NET allows developers to choose and use far more tools and technologies
• Applied focus - Discusses advanced technologies and real-world consequences of design decisions in conjunction with pervasive issues such as application performance, scalability, and security
• Expert Authors - Written by two Microsoft Visual Basic team members who are uniquely qualified to show how best to use Visual Basic .NET in developing enterprise applications

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