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Faster Smarter Beginning Programming
Author Jim Buyens
Pages 352
Disk N/A
Level Beginner
Published 11/13/2002
ISBN 9780735617803
Price $19.99
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About the Book

Take charge of Microsoft® Visual Basic®—faster, smarter, better!

Now you can write your own programs with Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET—faster, smarter, and better. Dive in—this friendly, high-energy guide makes it easy to learn exactly what you need. Use the numbered steps, code listings, and expert tips to accelerate your programming productivity—and move on to doing the cool things you want to do!

• Learn basic concepts, syntax, and language elements
• Follow easy coding techniques to build your dexterity
• Write and run your first Visual Basic .NET program
• Use built-in functions and classes or create your own
• Design the user interface with Windows® Forms
• Program Web applications using Microsoft ASP.NET
• Access files and databases
• Debug and deploy your new programs

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Number of Ratings: 10

Average Rating: 4.6 stars

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