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Running MS-DOS® 20th Anniversary Edition
Author Van Wolverton
Pages 640
Disk N/A
Level All Levels
Published 07/17/2002
ISBN 9780735618121
Price $29.99
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About the Book

The classic reference to the classic operating system!

Get the book that set the standard for all other MS-DOS® books—now celebrating its 20th anniversary! RUNNING MS-DOS is the best-selling guide to the operating system that changed personal computing history. Featuring Van Wolverton’s down-to-earth style and eloquent explanations, this one-stop reference makes MS-DOS accessible for anyone looking to optimize PC performance. Whether you work in tech support or simply want to keep your classic PC in top form, Van shows you how to master MS-DOS with unparalleled clarity and expertise!

Discover how to put MS-DOS functions and commands to work:

• Tweak your system so that it runs more efficiently
• Take control of your disk drives and devices
• Create back-ups and rescue deleted work
• Retrieve files faster and manage memory
• Run legacy applications—including classic games
• Write your own batch files and smart commands!

Plus, check out the comprehensive “MS-DOS Command Reference” in the appendix—great for answers and examples on the spot!

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