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Microsoft® .NET Framework 1.1 Class Library Reference Volume 5: System.Web
Author Microsoft Corporation
Pages 2768
Disk N/A
Level All Levels
Published 03/26/2003
ISBN 9780735618169
Price $79.99
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About the Book

This is the printed documentation set for the System.Web namespace from the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK—now available in print for the first time.

The .NET Framework Class Libraries provide access to system functionality—the foundation on which .NET Framework applications, components, and controls are built. Available now for the first time in printed form, this set includes the System.Web namespace, which is useful for developers who develop with Microsoft ASP.NET. The System.Web namespace supplies classes and interfaces that enable browser/server communication. This namespace includes the HttpRequest class, which provides extensive information about the current HTTP request, the HttpResponse class, which manages HTTP output to the client, and the HttpServerUtility class, which provides access to server-side utilities and processes. System.Web also includes classes for cookie manipulation, file transfer, exception information, and output cache control. This Microsoft Press® title includes a poster—ideal for quickly looking up System.Web details.

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