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Microsoft® .NET Framework 1.1 Class Library Reference Volume 6: System.Xml and System.Data
Author Microsoft Corporation
Pages 2576
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Level All Levels
Published 04/09/2003
ISBN 9780735618176
Price $79.99
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About the Book

Official documentation for the .NET Framework 1.1 Class Library—includes the complete System.XML and System.Data namespaces

Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 provides the programming model for building, deploying, and running interoperable Web-based applications, smart client applications, and XML Web services. It manages the difficult details of interoperability to enable developers to focus on writing the business logic code for cross-platform applications. Available in printed form for the first time, this volume includes the .NET Framework 1.1 System.XML namespace, which provides standards-based support for processing XML, and the System.Data namespace, including the classes that constitute the ADO.NET architecture, which empowers developers to build components that efficiently manage data from multiple data sources.

The System.XML namespace includes classes such as:

•The XmlDocument class, which represents an XML document.
•The XmlTextReader class, which represents a reader that provides fast, non-cached, forward-only access to XML data.
•The XmlUrlResolver class, which resolves external XML resources named by a URI
•The System.Data namespace includes classes such as:
•The DataColumn class, which represents the schema of a column in a DataTable
•The PropertyCollection class, which represents a collection of properties that can be added to a DataColumn, DataSet, or DataTable
•The TypedDataSetGenerator class, which is used to create a strongly typed DataSet

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