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Programming "Indigo" The Code Name for the Unified Framework for Building Service-Oriented Applications on the Microsoft® Windows® Platform
Author David Pallmann
Pages 624
Disk N/A
Published 06/22/2005
ISBN 9780735621510
Price $49.99
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About the Book

The hands-on developer’s guide for the next-generation Web services platform

Get in-depth, hands-on guidance for programming “Indigo”, Microsoft’s unified framework for building service-oriented applications. Written by a key member of the Microsoft “Indigo” team, this book shows how to accomplish specific Web services tasks and prepare for the next wave of service-oriented development. This book is much more than a cookbook—in addition to procedures and code samples, each chapter includes detailed architectural guidance to help convey the big picture, along with best practices to promote successful working habits. The author also addresses the development life cycle, with guidance on design, coding, deployment, troubleshooting, and management. Learn how to take advantage of the framework’s service orientation and support of standard protocols—including HTTP, XML, and SOAP—to simplify the development of connected systems.

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