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Windows® Interface Guidelines for Software Design, The
Author Microsoft Corp.
Pages 576
Disk N/A
Level Int/Adv
Published 07/11/1995
ISBN 9781556156793
ISBN-10 1-55615-679-0
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About the Book

Here's the key to developing applications for Microsoft Windows.

THE WINDOWS INTERFACE GUIDELINES FOR SOFTWARE DESIGN is an essential handbook for all programmers and designers working with the latest release of Windows, regardless of experience level or development tools used. This book covers the basic principles of user interface design and design methodologies and specifies how data-centered concepts such as objects and properties can be applied to interface design. It includes detailed information on mouse, keyboard, and pen interaction and on how to use the common interface elements supplied by the system. You'll also find information about special considerations such as network computing, international users, and users with disabilities. Topics Include: * General input techniques--navigation, selection, viewing, editing, and creation, including both the use of commands and direct manipulation methods such as drag and drop * Windows--primary and secondary types and their components, including property sheets, dialog boxes, message boxes, palette windows, and pop-up windows * Menus, controls, and toolbars--types, their components, and when to use them * Microsoft® OLE--how to support design interfaces for OLE embedded and linked objects, visual editing, and other forms of activation * User assistance--how to use contextual forms of help, including tooltips and wizards * Integration with the system--designing your software so that its interface functions and operates consistently with Windows * Visual design--effective use of color, layout, fonts, and graphics. If you are developing or are considering developing applications for Microsoft Windows, THE WINDOWS INTERFACE GUIDELINES FOR SOFTWARE DESIGN is a key resource.

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