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Windows® via C/C++, Fifth Edition
Author Jeffrey Richter (Wintellect); Christophe Nasarre
Pages 848
Disk N/A
Level Int/Adv
Published 11/28/2007
ISBN 9780735624245
Price $69.99
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Jeffrey Richter (Wintellect); Christophe Nasarre

Jeffrey Richter is a cofounder of Wintellect (—a training, debugging, and consulting firm dedicated to helping companies build better software faster. He is the author of several well-known programming books on Windows and the Microsoft .NET Framework, including CLR via C#. Jeffrey is a contributing editor and columnist for MSDN Magazine and a popular speaker at industry conferences, such as VSLive! and Tech•Ed.

Christophe Nasarre is a software architect and development lead for Business Objects, a multinational software company focused on business intelligence solutions. He has worked as a technical editor on numerous books and written several articles for MSDN Magazine.

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