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XML Programming (Core Reference)
Author R. Allen Wyke, Sultan Rehman, Brad Leupen
Pages 736
Disk 1 Companion CD(s)
Level Intermediate
Published 01/09/2002
ISBN 9780735611856
ISBN-10 0-7356-1185-8
Price(USD) $59.99
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R. Allen Wyke, Sultan Rehman, Brad Leupen

R. Allen Wyke is a Director of Product Technology at the Internet marketing solutions company, Engage. He is constantly working with XML and various other Internet technologies in implementing online marketing software and services.

Brad Leupen is the Chief Technology Officer for the education software company Entrinsik Inc., where Brad has brought web-based products to market that utilize cutting-edge technology such as XML and XSLT.

Sultan Rehman, based in Hong Kong, is the Chief Software Architect for Engage Asia/Australia where he is responsible for designing and implementing next generation ad serving and optimization solutions. He specializes in using object oriented designs for implementing mission critical, distributed systems. One of his current projects involves developing a high-performance and extensible XML Server that exposes a legacy database schema through a set of DTD constrained XML documents, XLST templates, and XML-RPC methods.

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