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Writing Secure Code, Second Edition
Author Michael Howard and David LeBlanc
Pages 800
Disk N/A
Level Intermediate
Published 12/04/2002
ISBN 9780735617223
Price $49.99
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Michael Howard and David LeBlanc

Michael Howard is a security program manager on the Microsoft Windows XP team, focusing on secure design, programming, and testing techniques. He works with hundreds of people both inside and outside the company each year to help them secure their applications. He is the author of Designing Secure Web-Based Applications for Microsoft Windows 2000 from Microsoft Press. Prior to working on Windows XP, Michael worked on next-generation Web server technologies and IIS. He has worked on Microsoft Windows NT® security since 1992.

David LeBlanc is a senior security technologist in Microsoft’s Information Technology Group. His primary role is defending the Microsoft network from attack. He has worked in the security field throughout his professional life, including working at Internet Security Systems where he was the primary engineer on ISS’s award-winning security products. David serves on a number of external security-related advisory boards.

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