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Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2007 Inside Out
Author Jim Boyce, Beth Sheresh, Doug Sheresh
Pages 1120
Disk 1 Companion CD(s)
Level Int/Adv
Published 01/31/2007
ISBN 9780735623286
Price $44.99
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Jim Boyce, Beth Sheresh, Doug Sheresh

Jim Boyce is a highly-regarded expert on operating systems and productivity software who’s written or contributed to more than 50 books. A former contributing editor for Windows Magazine, Jim writes for several technical publications and Web sites.

Beth Sheresh is a Microsoft Office expert, experienced network consultant, and author. She develops operations manuals and technical training materials for enterprise administration.

Doug Sheresh is a veteran IT professional and writer. He helps develop technical training materials for topics including Windows Server 2003 administration, directory services, and other topics.

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