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 Executive Message for OEM Resellers and System Builders

Get ready to meet the new Office

This month, Microsoft is launching the new Office – the most powerful version of our outstanding business productivity application yet. Office represents a very large business opportunity for Microsoft and our OEM reseller partners and continues to be a strategic focus for the coming year.

This month’s issue of the Reseller and System Builder News is brimming with resources to help you understand and sell the new Office, including a new Reseller Sales Tools section where you can download featured sales resources for the new Office with just one click.

”Why Wait?” Server Upgrade campaign: Worldwide, about 13 million servers are still running Windows Server 2003 while many small and mid-sized businesses are seeking ways to increase their competitiveness. These two dynamics help make the sale of server upgrades one of the largest server revenue opportunities today. New marketing materials for small- and mid-sized-business customers help demonstrate how upgrading to Windows Server 2012 can help them modernise and standardise their IT infrastructure and consolidate servers.

Windows Upgrade Offer: There is still time left to sell out Windows 7 PCs by leveraging the Windows Upgrade Offer. This is a great way to move Windows 7 while providing good value by encouraging your customers to upgrade to Windows 8. Customers are eligible for this offer when they purchase a new PC by the end of January, and the last day to register and order their Windows 8 upgrades is 28 February, 2013.

Office 2010 Pre-Launch Offer: This offer provides a free upgrade for customers to the new Microsoft Office when it is available. Make sure that you tell them to sign up for the reminder email message from the Microsoft Office website, so they will know when they can redeem their offer. This is a limited-time offer for a variety of versions of Microsoft Office 2010.

As always, thank you for your continuing partnership in 2013. If you have comments or ideas on how we can provide more value to you and your business, please let us know.

Best wishes for a successful 2013!
Lisa Burns

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