There are several options for refurbishers to become a member of a Microsoft Refurbisher program. Members of the following programs are able to supply computers with genuine Microsoft software preinstalled to businesses, consumers, and nonprofits. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program

If you are a large refurbisher who can commit to a minimum average of 1,000 PCs shipped through our program per month, this is the program for you.

The program makes available Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Office trial Single image, and Skype for refurbished devices. Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers are listed in our global directory, and they get a Microsoft account manager, engineering support, and their own marketing incentive programs.

For more information, visit the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher page.

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program

The Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program (RRP) is for small and midsize refurbishers across the globe who want to supply refurbished PCs preinstalled with genuine Microsoft software to local consumers and businesses, as well as qualified charitable organizations, academic users, and specially approved recipients. The program makes available Windows, Office, and Skype for refurbished devices.

For more information, visit the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher page.

Microsoft Refurbisher program benefits

Benefits for eligible refurbishers include:
  • Recognition and status as a member of a Microsoft Refurbisher program.
  • Ability to build an enhanced relationship with Microsoft.
  • Genuine Microsoft software licenses for refurbished PCs.
  • Access to proprietary installation tools to simplify the software deployment process.
  • The opportunity to create market differentiation through the sale of a refurbished PC solution with preinstalled genuine Microsoft software.

How to build a refurbished device

Microsoft provides a comprehensive set of tools and documentation to help refurbishers build refurbished devices. For more information, visit the Microsoft Refurbisher Engineering page.

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