Touch mouse hardware for OEM resale

Touch screens offer a simple, intuitive PC experience. But what can you offer users who don’t have a touch screen? Microsoft touch mice offer the natural experience of fingertip navigation coupled with the comfort and precision of a mouse.

The touch experience, with or without a touch screen

Whether selecting text, editing a document, or quickly navigating the Windows 8 Start screen, users can find a touch mouse more efficient and comfortable to use. Microsoft touch mice can help your customers:

  • Interact with PCs in a new way, combining touch and Windows 8 functionality.
  • Use natural finger movement for navigation with the precision of a mouse.
  • Scroll vertically and horizontally with just a swipe of the finger.
  • Scroll quickly with just the flick of a finger.


Touch mice just right for your customers

Wedge Touch Mouse—compact design for ultimate portability
  • The most portable Microsoft mouse ever, designed specifically for use on the go.
  • Enables scrolling both vertically and horizontally using the sleek touch strip.
  • Works on virtually any surface in the home, in the office, or anywhere in between.
Sculpt Touch Mouse—four-way touch scrolling and Bluetooth technology
  • Enables scrolling both vertically and horizontally using the sleek touch strip, allowing the user to feel the nice surprise of tactile feedback.
  • Uses Bluetooth® connectivity, which means users never need to worry about losing a transceiver or giving up a valuable USB slot.
Touch Mouse—natural, multi-touch gestures perfect for experiencing Windows
  • Features a large touch-sensitive surface that responds to one-, two-, and three-fingered gestures that are optimized for Windows.
  • Offers a contoured shape that fits comfortably in either hand, and with built-in BlueTrack Technology for use virtually anywhere.
  • Allows customization of the gesture settings to define the navigation preferences you desire.

Additional product information

How to get touch mice for resale

OEM resellers can purchase hardware for resale through local authorized distributors that carry these products.

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