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 OEM Distributor Resources

Authorised OEM Distributors are the first tier in the Microsoft OEM Partner channel, and it’s our mission to give you all the resources you need for increased growth and profitability in your business. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Getting Started

As a Microsoft OEM Distribution Partner, you have access to many marketing, sales and technical resources.

Quick Reference Guide

Get key resources that are designed to help you increase your revenue and grow your business. Download the Microsoft OEM Distributor Quick Reference Guide. .pdf 674 KB

Microsoft Distributor Newsletter

This monthly newsletter can help you evaluate, acquire and deploy Microsoft OEM system builder software and hardware.

Microsoft Partner Network

By joining the Microsoft Partner Network, you gain access to benefits that can help extend your market reach, reduce costs, increase profitability and deliver innovative solutions.

  • Authorised OEM Distributors qualify to be Gold Distributor Competency partners.
  • Contact your Microsoft Partner Account Manager for more information on benefits and enrolment in the Distributor competency.

Training and Readiness

We're constantly adding training resources and courses for our distributors, and you can find the latest courses at the following websites:

Microsoft Certifications

Additional Microsoft Certifications bring valuable, measurable rewards to IT professionals, their managers and the organisations that employ them. These certifications are designed to provide the recognition your personnel need to help them excel in their careers and give you instant credibility within the industry.

Sales and Business Development

Ready-to-Use Campaign Materials

This collection of resources can help you engage clients, drive growth and capitalise on business opportunities.​

Server Acceleration Programme

Expand your Microsoft server business offerings! Find training and ready-to-use marketing materials to help you deliver Microsoft server solutions through two scenarios: First Server and Virtualisation.

Web Content Syndication

Leverage web content syndication for your online marketing efforts.


Microsoft Operation Teams in your area support you in relation to supply chain, returns, shipments, manufacturing, pricing, invoicing and reporting. Microsoft Operations supports distribution via regional and local Operational Account Managers (OAMs) and through an extensive support network.

  • The OEM Distributor Resource Guide gives you a comprehensive outline of everything you need regarding operations and licensing.
  • The Media Replacement Programme eliminates the need for system builders to contact distributors for replacement media, and instead enables fulfilment directly from Microsoft.
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