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 Microsoft Office 2010 licensing and packaging

How to license Microsoft Office 2010 with a new PC

The licensing option that is best for you depends on your specific circumstances.

Selling a full Office suite | Microsoft Office 2010 OPK Licence Agreement | Product Key Card packaging Office Pre-Launch Offer packaging stickers

Selling a full Office suite with the PC

With Office 2010, system builders can offer two different licence types: Product Key Cards (PKCs) and Traditional Discs. Both of these licence types are available on all three Office suites, and may be purchased through Microsoft authorised distributors.

Be sure to preload the Office Single Image. Then your customer can type in the product key and get up and running on Office 2010 in a matter of minutes.

Microsoft Office 2010 Transition OPK Licence Agreement

Before you begin the Office 2010 Transition OPK download process, you can preview the licence agreement.

Product Key Card packaging

Front of Box Features

  • The top of the Product Key Card box shows that it is available for 1 User | 1 PC
  • The term Product Key Card is now lower on the box
  • The Product name is more prominent
  • The term “Designed for purchase with a new PC preloaded with Microsoft Office 2010” is removed
  • The application icons are increased in size
  • More visible “Product Key Only,” “No disc inside”

Back of Box Features

  • The Getting Started section has been simplified. And references the download option
  • The Purchase Options table helps educate customers about the difference between the Product Key Card and traditional Disc
  • New system requirements section.

Microsoft Office Pre-Launch Offer packaging stickers

To boost sales of Office 2010, you can use these printable stickers to promote the Office Pre-Launch Offer on your product packaging. These stickers are available in 37 languages.

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