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With the exciting Christmas season quickly approaching, Microsoft is pleased to introduce the Office Pre-Launch Offer. Designed to help you drive Office 2010 unit sales this Christmas, this offer will also get customers excited about the approaching launch of the next version of Office. The Office Pre-Launch Offer allows your customers to purchase any qualifying version of Office 2010 between 19 October 2012 and 30 April 2013 and download the next version of Office—Office 365 Home Premium or another qualifying edition*—free, as soon as it’s available. This offer will be available in all countries where Office is sold.

Did you know that most customers want Microsoft Office and often mistakenly presume that full versions of their favourite Microsoft Office applications are installed on all Windows PCs? Maximise this great offer by including it with all your Windows 8 PC marketing.

Office Pre-Launch Offer redemption

To redeem the Office Pre-Launch Offer, your customers can follow these steps:

  1. Buy and activate Office. Your customer purchases any qualifying version of Office 2010 between 19 October 2012 and 30 April 2013, then installs and activates a qualifying Office product* (with or without a new PC or Mac) between 19 October 2012, and 31 May 2013.
  2. Sign up for an email reminder. Your customer visits the Office Pre-Launch Offer web page and provides an email address to be notified when the offer can be redeemed.
  3. Download the new Office version, when available. Upon receiving email notification that the new Office is available, your customer returns to the Office Pre-Launch Offer web page to download the new Office**.

Note Complete offer details, including a special offer for small-business customers, are available on www.office.com/offer, The Office Pre-Launch Offer web page.

Sales and Training Resources

Use the following Office Pre-Launch Offer materials in your marketing efforts. Help your customers learn more about the Office Pre-Launch Offer to capture more Office 2010 sales.

Download Description
Use this guide to get offer details to help drive current Office sales prior to general availability of the new Office. This guide includes information about eligible SKUs, how the offer works, marketing and messaging, online execution and training.
Use this presentation to get a quick overview of the Office Pre-Launch Offer so that you can communicate its value to your customers.
Fact Sheet

.pdf 704 KB
Use this quick guide to show your customers how the Office Pre-Launch Offer works and to highlight some features that will be part of the next version of Office.

.zip 646 KB
Provide these flyers to your customers to introduce them to the Office Pre-Launch Offer and explain to them how the offer works.

.zip 15.1 MB
Hang these posters to generate customer interest in the Office Pre-Launch Offer.
Counter Sign

.zip 410 KB
Use this counter sign in your displays to showcase the Office Pre-Launch Offer to help boost Office 2010 sales.
Fact Tag

.zip 142 KB
Hang this tag on your shelves or PCs to provide your customers with easily accessible information about the Office Pre-Launch Offer.
Email Template

.zip 33.3 KB
Customise this text and image in your customer emails to drive sales of Office 2010.
Online Banners

.zip 2.02 MB
Drive traffic to your web page by promoting the Office Pre-Launch Offer. You can customise some of these banners to fit your business needs.
Training Materials

.zip 1.15 MB
Watch these short, on-demand presentations to help you understand what the Office Pre-Launch Offer is, how it works and which SKU's qualify so you can best position it to your customers.
Package Stickers

.zip 1.45 MB
Use these printable stickers – available in 37 languages - to promote the Office Pre-Launch Offer on your product packaging.
Syndicated Web Assets
Use the syndicated content available on the Digital Commerce and Campaign Network (DCCN), a Microsoft marketing syndication service, to help with Office sales. Resources include a landing page, an e-commerce button, web banners and more.
New Office Readiness Training
Use the New Office readiness materials on OEM Training Zone to help you prepare for the new Office. Simply sign in, click readiness, click to expand Office and then click New Office to access the materials.


* Eligible products: Office Home & Student 2010, Mac Home & Student 2011, Office University 2010, Mac University 2011, Office Home & Business 2010, Mac Home & Business 2011, Office Professional 2010.

** Redeem for one of the following (depending on SKU purchased): Office 365 Home Premium, Office 365 University, corresponding new Office suite, plus small business bonus.+

+ Bonus: Small businesses that purchase Home & Business 2010 or Pro 2010 are eligible for a three-month trial of Office 365 Small Business Premium.

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