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What's New with Office 2010

There's a lot that goes into Office, and even more that customers get out of it. What is it about the 2010 release that matters to them pe​rsonally?

  • Bringing ideas to life – the ability to add impact, energy and efficiency to every project
  • Working together – staying connected, communicating and sharing ideas anywhere and anytime
  • Accessing and editing files from virtually anywhere – whether using a computer, a Smartphone or a browser

Check out the Office 2010 top 10 features:

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Office 2010 Partner Value

Easier to Buy and Sell Better Revenue Opportunities Meets Evolving Market Needs    

With a single image and an easy SKU lineup, Office 2010 is easier to sell to customers.

Single image to preload
Simplify your production, management, and planning with a single, preloaded image that delivers the most popular Office 2010 suites for consumers and small businesses. This alleviates the need to differentiate customer types, customise manufacturing cycles or match specific product keys to specific computers.

Simplified product lineup
The Office 2010 product lineup is streamlined to three SKUs, with each product more closely aligned to customer needs, and clearly named so you can quickly identify the right version for your customers.

Product Key Cards (PKCs)
Value-priced Product Key Cards ease the purchase of Office with new PCs, and generate sales conversations that provide upsell opportunities with customers who want the Traditional Disk media.

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Office 2010 Editions Version Comparisons

Use the following documents for Office 2010 feature comparisons.

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PC Essentials

PC Essentials was an optional licensing programme for prior versions of the Office 2010 OPK that included the following Microsoft software designed to complete the Windows 7 experience for your customers. PC Essentials included:

  • Office Starter 2010. Base productivity suite.
  • Office Single Image. One image that contains all of the elements necessary to preload all three Office 2010 suites onto new PCs for easy end-user activation.
  • Windows Live Essentials. Client applications for email, instant messaging, photos, video and blogging. Windows Live provides out-of-box functionality that consumers have come to expect from their great new PCs.
  • Bing Bar. The Bing toolbar delivers the best of the Internet to your customers. It's the safe and fast way to do more, know more and share more of what you love.
  • Bing / MSN Browser Defaults. Set your customers' Browser Home Page to MSN, the world's leading content portal, and the Browser Search Default to Bing, the world's first "decision engine."

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Product Key Card and Traditional Disk Comparisons

The Product Key Card (PKC) allows Office 2010 activation on one PC (must meet system requirements). The Product Key Card is licensed for one device only and is not transferable to another PC.

Product Key Cards do not include media (discs). Product Key Cards are used to activate Office on a PC preloaded with Office 2010, or the software can be downloaded at Office.com.

Office 2010 is also available in the Traditional Disk version that includes media. This licence is transferable, which means you can uninstall it on one computer and then load it on to another.

In addition, Traditional Disk versions of Office Home and Student allow for installation on up to three PCs within the same household. Traditional Disk versions of Office Home and Business and Office Professional allow for installation on up to two PCs if the PCs are used by the same individual.

Both Product Key Cards and Traditional Disk versions are available for all the Office 2010 suites and both consumer licence types may be used to activate a preloaded Office 2010 image.

For more information about the Product Key Card customer and partner values, visit the Office 2010 Sell It page.

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