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Selling the Office 2010 Suites

Several steps have been taken to help ensure that Office 2010 is easy to sell.

Office 2010 has a simplified product lineup with clear names to make it easy to choose the right suite for your customers. Also, each suite contains all of the applications from the prior suite, plus one or more additional applications. That makes the upsell path to premium suites logical and compelling.

The Office 2010 Suite lineup

Licence Types Product Key Card and Traditional Disc
Office 2010 Suites Home and Student* Home and Business Professional
Word X X X
Excel X X X
PowerPoint X X X
Outlook   X X
Publisher     X
Access     X
Office Web Apps Microsoft-Hosted on Windows Live
Licensing Product Key Cards:
  • 1 user/ 1 PC (must meet system requirements)
  • No disc; software download available
  • Not transferable to another PC

Traditional Discs:

  • Home and Student: 1 licence for up to 3 devices within same household*
  • Home and Business and Professional: 1 licence / up to 2 devices for same user
  • Portable device rights
  • Licence is transferable to another computer
  • Includes media for use on uncovered PCs (PCs that are not preloaded with Office) and for backup

*Office 2010 Home and Student is licensed for non-commercial use only.  

For specific Office 2010 Suite details, click to expand the following topics:

Office Home and Student 2010

Office Home and Business 2010

Office Professional 2010


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Licence Types

Overview Product Key Card (PKC) Traditional Disc    

With Office 2010, system builders can offer two different licence types: new Product Key Cards (PKCs) and Traditional Discs. Both of these licence types are available on all three Office suites and may be purchased through Microsoft authorised distributors.


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Marketing Resources

Office 2010 Marketing Materials

Download Description
Provides a list of the top selling points for Office 2010.
Provides a quick rundown of Office 2010 information.
Discusses the top 10 things to know about Access.
Discusses the top 10 things to know about Excel.
Discusses the top 10 things to know about OneNote.
Discusses the top 10 things to know about Outlook.
Discusses the top 10 things to know about PowerPoint.
Discusses the top 10 things to know about Publisher.
Discusses the top 10 things to know about Word.
Discusses how Windows 7 integrates with other Microsoft products.

Office 2010 campaign materials are available on the Office 2010: Back to School page. These materials include customisable email templates and web banners.

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Office 2010 Demos

Use the following demo scripts to learn more about Office 2010, and build credibility with your customers as you show them the exciting new features associated with Office 2010!

Resources Description
Outlook 2010 Demo
Outlook 2010 Demo

.zip 10.4 MB
Microsoft Outlook 2010 SMB Demo Script
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Demo Script
Microsoft Word 2010 Demo Script
OneNote 2010 Demo
OneNote 2010 Demo

.zip 13.1 MB
Microsoft OneNote 2010 SMB Demo Script
Access 2010 Demo
Access 2010 Demo

.zip 2.0 MB
Microsoft Access 2010 Demo Script
Microsoft Publisher 2010 SMB Demo Script
Microsoft Office Web Applications Demo Script

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